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Frank M. Chapman - Hall of Fame Entry
  Author: Plastics Academy Staff
Added: 03/29/2004
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Frank M. Chapman - Hall of Fame Entry


Frank M. Chapman

Jan 13th, 1931



Industry Areas:
Material, Process

A pioneer in the fluoropolymer industry and in the development of fluoropolymer technologies and applications for the aerospace, chemical, and pulp and paper industries.

Some of Chapman's major achievements are:

  • 1957---Developed automatic molding techniques and defined the shrinkage characteristics for molding TEFLON TFE resins.
  • 1958 Studied and reported on the frictional properties of TFE resins and their reinforcement with inorganic additives.
  • 1959 Initiated the most comprehensive study on the physical properties of TEFLON TFE, work that is till the standard text today.
  • 1960 Developed an isostatic molding process and made the first missile nose cones of TFE.
  • 1964 Engineered the first sealer that would make continuous seals of FEP as strong as the base film. Led the development of the process to manufacture and install on a paper mill dryer the first FEP heat shrinkable roll cover.
  • 1965 Pioneered techniques and successfully lined chemical processing vessels with fluoropolymers.
  • 1967 Made the first glass-backed melt processable fluoropolymer sheet and linings.
  • 1981 Pioneered in the development and application of wet sprayed ultra thick TFE and PFA coatings.
  • 1988 Founded Fluoron Inc. with his son Randall Frank Chapman.

Chapman is the inventor or co-inventor of ten U.S. and foreign patents. In 1979, he was elected Chairman of the Fluoropolymer Division of the SPI.

He was born and raised in a small town in Vermont and graduated from the University of Vermont in 1952 with a degree in chemistry.

Following graduation, he joined DePont and his first assignment was with TEFLON. He left DuPont in 1961 to become General Manager of the Plastics Department of Parco in Los Angeles, followed by an assignment with Mather in Michigan.

He was one of the founders of Fluorodynamics, Inc. and Chapman Industries, Inc., which were both subsequently sold to Corborundum. In 1980, he formed Chapman Associates and does consulting.

He lives in Elkton, MD with his wife Helen. They have four children and eleven grandchildren and 1 great grand child.

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