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  Herman Muehlstein - Hall of Fame Entry
Author: Plastics Academy Staff
Added: 03/29/2004
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Herman Muehlstein - Hall of Fame Entry


Herman Muehlstein




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Herman Muehlestein, an entrepreneur and founder of H. Muehlstein & Co., Inc. in 1911 was a visionary who created the secondary market to the plastics industry.

This market which today handles billions of pounds of material, was first envisioned by Herman Muehlstein in the early 1940's. He originally serviced the rubber industry, recognizing a need to "reuse" rubber. He later worked with an alliance between the Rubber Exchange and the U.S. Government supplying rubber for the WWII war effort.

Subsequently, he turned his efforts to the plastics industry creating joint ventures with the Koppers Company, the Dow Chemical Company and the Foster Grant Co. His persistence pushed him into plastics because he knew, like rubber, plastics can be reused. In this aspect, Herman Muehlstein was a pioneer environmentalist, recognizing a need to "recycle" both plastics and rubber years before it was "correct" to do so.

Today Herman's company, H. Muehlstein & Co., Inc., is viewed as a global leader and its participation for over 87 years has spawned dozens of companies servicing the plastics industry.

Herman was also a collector or rare books, art and sculptures; he endowed the University of Akron with the Herman Muehlstein Rare Book Library, which the University of Akron, Ohio for his humanitarian efforts. He created a foundation for underprivileged youth -The Herman Muehlstein Foundation, Inc. (NY) He also created the Herman Muehlstein Scholarship Foundation at the University of Akron-the fund awards scholarships to New York area students wishing to attend the University. Mr. Norman Auburn is currently President of the foundation, which carries assets exceeding $1.5 million.

Mr. Muehlstein is survived by his nephew Herbert Muehlstein of Manhattan.