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  William B. Bradbury - Hall of Fame Entry
Author: Plastics Academy Staff
Added: 03/28/2004
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William B. Bradbury - Hall of Fame Entry


William B. Bradbury




Industry Areas:
Sales, Process, Management

Pioneered color compounding and color matching techniques, which are widely used in the plastics industry today. Credited with the development of hermetically sealed poly-lined unit bags for dry colorant packaging, dustless colorants, and universal color masterbatches. His patents include Freez-dri colorant, PoMaS polyester marine anti-foulant, the Micronizer color meter, and other blending devices.

His early apprenticeship began in 1942 with Union Carbide and later with Gering Plastics. In 1950 he founded PMS Consolidated (formerly Plastics Molders Supply Co.). The nationwide network of plastic colorant laboratory and production facilities was an innovation conceived by him to optimize regional servicing of the rapidly expanding plastics industry. PMS is today the largest independent manufacturer of colorant dispersions for the plastics industry.

He provided uninterrupted service and leadership to the SPE, from joining the society in 1957 until his death. He established the William B. Bradbury Fellowship, which provides an annual plastics research grant to deserving graduate students designated for recognition and financial assistance by the Plastics Institute of America.

He is survived by his wife and partner Isabelle, sons Tony and Bill Jr.,daughter Nancy, eleven grandchildren, and a great grandchild.