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  Dominick V. Rosato - Hall of Fame Entry
Author: Plastics Academy Staff
Added: 03/31/2004
Type: Summary
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Dominick V. Rosato - Hall of Fame Entry


Dominick V. Rosato




A prolific writer of technical books and materials and pioneer in early military applications of plastics, Dominick Rosato has studied and been involved in nearly every aspect of plastics engineering.

He started in tool making with Schram Industries. Rosato was then commissioned into the Army Air Force and assigned to the Nonmetallic Structures and Materials Laboratory at Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, OH during World War II and later during the Korean War was deputy chief of Plastics R & D. From this experience came a life-long love of plastics engineering, especially in the composites field. As Director of Plastics R & D for Raybestos-Manhattan from 1954-1963, he worked on early space applications for plastics and composites. He published his first book, on industrial uses of asbestos in high-performance plastics, in 1954.

During the period of 1963 to1974, Rosato worked for Ingersoll Rand, then a major injection molding equipment supplier, as director of international sales and marketing, while concurrently serving as technical editor of Plastics World magazine. He now maintains a consulting business.

Selected career highlights: