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  Ivar T. Quarnstrom - Hall of Fame Entry
Author: Plastics Academy Staff
Added: 03/29/2004
Type: Summary
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Ivar T. Quarnstrom - Hall of Fame Entry


Ivar T. Quarnstrom




Industry Areas:

Acknowledged originator, inventor, and pioneer in the development of a practical system of pre-engineered basic tooling for the plastics moldmaking industry.

While a custom moldmaker in 1942, Quarnstrom conceived, developed, produced, and began marketing a line of standard "mold bases" that became the worldwide industry standard. Through his ingenious efforts, the plastics injection molding industry was able to reduce lead time for critical tooling during World War II. At a time when critical skills were in short supply, his concept of "more quality molds per available moldmaker" continues to be an essential factor in the growth of the plastics industry.

He has been cited by the SPE as "the man whose ideas, put into practice, have done more to accelerate the growth of the injection molding industry . . . by enabling the supply of high production molds to keep up with the demands of the burgeoning plastics industry." The company he founded in 1942, Detroit Mold Engineering Co. (now known as D-M-E Company) has expanded this concept into every industrial country of the world.

He is survived by son Robert, daughter Anna, and five grandchildren.